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choose from non-operative treatments including pain management, joint injections, physical therapy to avoid as long as possible. If surgery is the best option, we will discuss robotic rapid recovery joint replacement for optimal outcomes. 


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learn why your knees may be bothering you. Stop the damage and treat the pain. Don't let the pain hold you back with all the possible solutions available today. 

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Hip pain can be challenging and limit your enjoyment of daily life. Sometimes there can be an easy fix. Other times, it's a bit more complicated... and we have experience in all of it!

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"Six and a half weeks after total replacement of my left knee, I met friends in New Orleans for a short vacation. In three days I easily walked a total of 15 miles. Four days later, I was released for my outpatient physical therapy. To say I am happy with my outcome is a huge understatement. Dr. Myrin and the entire staff and facility were made for a remarkable experience.
Thank you Dr. Myrin!"

George D. Oklahoma Patient

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Meet Dr. Myrin

Dr. Myrin is a fellowship orthopedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of hip and knee pain including robotic assisted replacement and revisions. Dr. Myrin attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Following this, he trained in orthopedic surgery at Baylor Scott & White in Texas. He then went on to specialized training in hip and knee replacements at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH that was ranked #3 orthopedic in the USA. 

Dr. Gerardo Myrin

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